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im sorry__ that i love you ♥
&& I, kiss the clouds on them rainy days
&&, smile for you when the skies are gray, babe
♥ 'cause I'm a tear drop away from cryin' ♥

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December 1st, 2005 ♥]
yah i know this is weird that im randomely updating and as you see my layout is fucked up x core. but i just wanted to talk about something. tomorrow it will be a year since mrs. o'hara died. i can't believe it, it seems like just yersterday i was sitting in my 8th grade homeroom crying and watching everyone feel so hurt and just everyone so incredibly sad, i have gone threw a lot of deaths in the past year, meghan and shauna<3 2 of the most beautiful girls i have ever seen. its so hard and i wish that things could just be regular again, with them here. i feel like nothing has been the same since they have passed away. nobody is the same. and it hurts to see people like that. i will never forget there smiles and mrs.o'haras laugh, and all the things she taught me. i loved art and everything about it but when she died i felt like things wern't the same. i hate this. and i hate how so many people go threw these things everyday, <3 i hope everybody realizes how wonderful she is and hopefully one day will all be up there with her and meghan and shauna

rip<3 mrs.o'hara 12/2/04
rip<3 meghan and shauna 10/13/05
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July 3rd, 2005 ♥]
I LOVE YOUUUU!!!!!!!! ♥
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June 23rd, 2005 ♥]
waddd up playas.. long time no write.. haha sorry im really into the whole myspace thing now, i dont kno.. we got out of school today haha im so happy i fucking hated middle school, i was sad tho becasue im going to miss mike a lot. and i dont even think he realizes it but whatever boys will be boys.. well this summer should be sickkkkk

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Im going crazy crazy crazy just thinking about you baby.. [Saturday
June 18th, 2005 ♥]
Last night was our farewell dance =( it was wicked fun.. but like there was SO much shit on the floor like gatorade and slushy and uhh it was groose, i didnt think like anyone was gunan dance but thats like all we did haha it was awesome, i hate the way he like pulls me in and does this too me.. blahahusjahsjah stupid boys. After i went too tonys and jussss chillledddd yah whatev lol
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June 11th, 2005 ♥]
SUMMER JAM WAS SWEEEEET i saw joey! i miss him so much <3 yah whateve it was pretty sweet, on friday night we went to see set off balance, i swear im like in love with them. lol really they dedicated a song to me and molly and carly, and played neggative, i saw kevin.. but i duno it was werid.

tryouts were okay, courtney and kev LOOK EXACALLY ALIKE! its so fucking werid.. i made jv with carly so thats good.. and yahhh

the dance last night was awesome i probabaly lost like 10 pounds of body water lol <3 it was soo hott in there

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June 4th, 2005 ♥]
hey all, this is my last entry for the week ill be at my aunts house and she doesnt have a computer, ill update as soon as i come back.. please don't take me off your friends lists ♥
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June 2nd, 2005 ♥]
drama is gay. haha exacally like everybody in my town.. stupid bitches whatever i don't care ANYMORE.

im going to summer jam on saturday! yayyyy <3 and then im staying at my aunts allll weeeekkkk and carlysss yah so whatevvv

call my cell xoxoxx
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May 30th, 2005 ♥]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Well, yah so everyone knows me and Kevin are over, even though he didn't end it yet he still hasn't even talked to me, but who could blame him.. i'd be embarrassed too

My weekend was good tho saturday i tanned outside like all day with Vanessa Tia and Kelly, and Pat & Alex came over.. woot! haha it was like a party on vanessa's bed but it was hott.. after that i went to carlys and we took a walk and ordered food, played girltalk and truth or basically, truth.. haha fun nightt <3 sunday was carlys cousins graduation party, so we went to that haha only too see jared and jenna get it on. lol jenna = 18 jared = 14. GROOSE. && then we were suppose to go to shabooms with katie and erica, but that never worked out so we just went to lauras and hung out for a while.

Today im going to the parade.. well its kind of hard to miss it considering its right infront of my house lol Carlys coming here before yayyyy

♥ comment babes <3 lovee yah
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May 29th, 2005 ♥]
me and kevin aree overrr god whatever hahahaaa <3
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May 27th, 2005 ♥]
hey babesss ♥ still things are okay, things arn't the best with me and kevin becasue well i don't even know if things are still. haha <3 but whatev what yah gunna do.. i don't wanna be sad all the time anymore, he told me not to be and not to care what people say and that made me feel better, me && him are fingerpainting tomorrow with colleen and fy =) haha i can't wait <3 so anyways things are alright with me and the boy ;o)

CARLY GOT EMO BANGS! HAHAHA this means that i have too duh, exsept MINE WILL DEFF LOOK BETTER! hahha jk but yah i've been thinking about gettin like side bangs it will hide my massive forehead more haha <3 && yes i am admitting that i do, my forehead is huge lol but yes shes at a graduation party, and i was grounded becasue of my grades, but i guess my moms thought of groundation should be bringing me to get my nails done and going out to eat haha shes so silly but i love her

PLAY TO SKATE IS NEXT WEEKEND! haha i effing loved that shizzz last time, and the next day is summerr jam with my hottay MOLLY ♥ oh yes i can't wait <3 haha i already no what im wearing and everything lol WOO

I see a sense of wonder deep inside your eyes
As we're sparkling and twirling in the twilight
And after three long years, I think that we both need this
So we seal the deal in the parking lot with a kiss
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May 26th, 2005 ♥]
[ mood | crazy ]

what? im not going into that dark alley.. with that -- PRIEST. <3Collapse )

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May 25th, 2005 ♥]
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May 24th, 2005 ♥]
[ mood | confused ]

kiss softly xo: i need a effing quote to like explain how i am feeling i want to die and be with him and like kill alll the bitches in the world & cry all in the same time
xbAbeY x kAkEsx9: type that in on google

vanessa, you are too funny<3

ahh and you read it i feel all those things, fy thank you so much & i know i need to trust him, i do i really really do. its just those effing girls i dont trust. but isn't it always like that? god i shouldn't be feeling like this, im falling for him so hard, && i don't want to care this much becasue whats going to happen is he does end it, and im stuck here with my heart broken again.. i know he wouldn't do that too me but its just so hard for me to have any emotions at all, im such a jealous person im too jealous and that just hurts me even more <3

anyone have any advice comment or i*m me ♥ kiss softly xo
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May 24th, 2005 ♥]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Okay, im not going to start anymore drama but if people do not like what i write in my journal then please don't read it, its my space, i can write whatever i want i don't ask you to read it.

I feel really bad, apparently people were giving kevin shit about us, okay sorry everyone wow im in 8th grade and were only like 5 months apart? why the fuck do you all care. get over it

It's not going to be so bad going to high school anymore considering all my old friends started to appologize to me, and im good now with carly which is awesome becasue i loved hanging out with her, and me and kristen are good now 2 <3 pshhh fuck this middle school shit, high school is going to be a breeze =)

well i love you all <3 and sorry for so much shit in the past! comment <33
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May 22nd, 2005 ♥]
whatever i don't care anymore, im happy with my life.. with carly & kevin <3

so everyone your grand and i love all the freshmen and i love everybody in my grade so yay!
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May 21st, 2005 ♥]
[ mood | loved ]

so yah in my last entry i wrote about how kevin only wants to be my friend if i like him, that was kevin davidean.. & were friends again, and the *boy i always talk about is kevin duffy just to make it all clear lol

last night me and luc went to kevins, kinda akward at first becasue lucys mom is weird lol, & then we watched toy story for like 2 minutes, then we put finding nemo in and everything just seemed right <3 ah hes so awesome =) lol lucys mom couldn't find her? even though she talked to his parents, i dont effing get my friends parents lol how did she not kno were she was when she droped us off there? haha so vanessa calls and goes LUCY THE POLICE ARE AFTER YOU! haha after that we watched lilo and stitch & i'd have to say that movie is pretty sweet =) haha even tho i just like fell asleep lol i was so comfy <3 then lucys dad picked us up around 10, we came back to my house and just ate and ate and ate lol, all i can remember is lucy waking up at like 5 and being like "im thirsty" haha i love that girl <3

today blew so bad, i went to some random graduation party with like a whole side of the family i've never even met, so effing sketchy but whatever, i went to the mall with carly =) & I SAW SET OFF BALANCE!! yaya!! haha and i bought lipgloss <3

i love you! comment whores.
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May 21st, 2005 ♥]
[ mood | happy ]

suddenly things just got much better ♥
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May 18th, 2005 ♥]
[ mood | surprised ]

i am so stressed between school & friends, and of course boys, my life is just a mess <3 but its okay i guess, im scared for friday. what if things arn't what there suppose to be what i want them to be, its basically all up to him, as of right now im really happy with the way things are going <3

i really am going to fail school, i just need to get off this effing computer and do my homework god is it really that hard! ah i need a tutor in like every class, whatever school blows.

some good things are i am no longer fighting with steve well things are still kind of shaky but hey whatever i really don't think things will ever be the same anyways, brandons still a fag but hey whats changed? atleast we arn't like physically fighting like today at lunch haha, and kevins okay i guess hes cool but i duno it seems like the only way he wants to be my friend is if i like him, and its like okay i can't help who i fucking like.

boys, ah

cheerleading tryouts are soon, finally but hey whatever u kno im probably going to be called a slut? haha fuck you all, i don't care anymore =)

i pierced my left ear, its my 4th hole haha i dont think it would of looked good on both tho

commment sweets <3 i love you xox
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May 16th, 2005 ♥]
is it normal to have feelings for a boy, that you really never talk to but all of a sudden can't stop thinking about him.. & even after he dicthes you, it makes you want him even more <3 i really hope this weekend works out, he appologized for not coming, && i forgave him. if he was somebody else i probably would of screamed at him, but hes different <3

my life pretty much sucks right now, brandon steve and kevin all hate me for no reason, i walked into school today and brandon goes "SKANK" god? what the fuck did i ever do to him, i would do anything to make that kidd happy, he was my best friend and now all of a sudden hes different? and steve jesse he really was my best friend, and then goes and talks about me behind my back?

i can't handle this anymore all i want to do is cry and sleep.. nothing is suppose to hurt this bad. is it?
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May 15th, 2005 ♥]
[ mood | confused ]

this weekend was fun, brandons birthday was okay.. we just like hung out with his brother haha <33 after that i went to lucys we all got ready, & to my suprise duffy didn't come, i guess he couldn't.. whatever i believe him? should i?

Carly came home last night, fucking finally god did i miss that girl haha i didn't show but i was like crying inside =) lol <3 were hanging out today with my family! haha my dads birthday is tomorrow

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May 14th, 2005 ♥]
okay so currently Lucy Vanessa me and Carly, are sluts becasue we cheerlead, FUCK YOU ALL <33 sorry that i am NOT a fucking slut, ive only been to 2nd. Alright ava if your going to say shit, then u need to back urself up ur the fucking one whos had sex like 4 times. and im a slut? look in the mirror hunny, god sorry i don't fucking worship the people in my grade.

fucking whore.
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May 13th, 2005 ♥]
[ mood | crushed ]

Carly has been in orlando for like a week now, and i thought i wasn't going to care but now i miss her, like randomely i really do.. =( i need her to help me with all this stuff with this boy, nothings even happened yet and its so overwhelming i cant take it, im so scared and excited at the same time, its kind of nice feeling like this again =) something new is happening and i think i like it ..

I also love molly so much <3 who knew? someone who was scared of me last year could become so close to me so quickly, i love having two best friends, and two totally diffrent ones. I love sleeping at her house waking up and we just look at eachother for like 10 minutes and then im like "im hungry" lol she loves it<3 even though molly went through all that stuff with brandon, it made me sad to see her like that, but in a way i think it made her relieze that things arn't always what they seem, there will always be that one special boy, & it might just take sometime, but i don't mind waiting with her =)

Tonight im sleeping at vanessas with Lucy, & then tomorrow is brandons birthday i will do a huge entry on that tomorrow =) me, molly and malia are going to his game and wearing HAPPY - BIRTHDAY - BRANDON shirts haha i get birthday =) & then im going over lucys with kevin and dan..

Im really scared for highschool, already people i don't even know don't like me for any reason, im not mad about ava's party i just think its stupid she didn't invite me becasue people told her not to, really i don't care i wasn't invited its just the reason, sorry i dont effing worship anyone in my grade, i try to be nice to everyone but people like can't accept that i might actually be nice. god i don't want to go to highschool.. this better be a LONG summer

Comment <33
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May 11th, 2005 ♥]
ToRoNtOMl3: i'm also gay

ToRoNtOMl3: yup i'm so gay i can hardly function

ToRoNtOMl3: yup i am so gayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

haha your awesome <33
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May 10th, 2005 ♥]
thanks everyone for commenting <33 i love you =)

this weekend was awesome, i went to the movies ;o) lol and that was uh.. okay? but i dont care because i was with Molly and i love her so much<3 KYLE IS COOOL =) & i miss my old friends, i found notes and pics of carolyn.. i miss her house there are so many memories there! =( congrats to AMANDA FOR HER BABEY! haha <3 hes so cute babe =) well today at school was gay like always, and tonight im going to the field shoulddddd be fun <3

love yaLl xOox
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May 6th, 2005 ♥]
im thinkin about doing a friends cut becasue im not gettin enough comments so if you would like to stay then comment
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